“I spend about 65% of my time surfing art sites on the internet, so I have seen a lot of art. This is the first time I have ever been moved, impressed, enchanted and delighted by someone’s art to actually feel compelled to send them an email. Thank you so much for the pleasure you have given me in viewing your work. You have amazing talent.”  Denise


“I can’t tell you how happy I am when I open my door and the first thing I see is your painting. It looks amazing! I LOVE IT. It must make you feel so special that something you produce brings such happiness to people.!”  Lori


“Your beautiful painting hangs above my bed and gives me GREAT joy each day. I can’t thank you enough, it touches me in a very deep way.” Eydi


SWIRL is safe and sound in its new home. Audrey, we just love it. It is even more powerful than we imagined it would be when we saw it on your website. Bless your talent!”  Eileen and Tom


“With tears in my eyes I write to tell you how overcome with pride and joy I am after unpacking MOMS LILACS. The photo does not do it justice. You have really become a full-fledged artist. Your work has developed and advanced to a point beyond anything I could have imagined.”  Mom


“Your work is powerful, skilled, beautifully proportioned and executed with the utmost color sense. I can’t even put into words how powerful your work is.” Stephen


“I was in a gallery in Chicago this week doing some shopping for a new client, and I saw a few pieces by a contemporary artist that wowed me. But NOTHING like what COLOR BENDING has done for me.”  Joel


“ I am just overcome with enthusiasm and joy for you. What a wonderful way to express your creativity. You really are something special indeed!” Lynn


“I am so excited to own one of your pieces. I will always look at it and think of you and how much you mean to me.” Eileen


“I have always been an admirer of your inner and outer beauty and your talent for business and the performing arts, but I had no knowledge of your incredible talent for painting. I am blown away by your art!” Deanna


“Your work is sensational! You must be so proud and have such a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. Your work is stupendous! Any chance you will be opening up your own gallery soon?” Ina


“Your painting took my breath away. Its just lovely, peaceful and three-dimensional in sprit as well as color and depth.” Deborah


“Your paintings are earthy yet ethereal. Your exhibition of works is rich, organic, innovative and intense. What a treat!” Alexis


“While I can’t express myself as eloquently as Stephen, I too am blown away by your work. I had no idea you were working on a painting like this. Your artwork is very deep and needs to be looked at for a long time. Even from the website you can feel their power. You should feel as proud of your work as when you birthed your boys!” Andrea


“How I marvel at your fortitude and your dedication to expressing yourself in such a meaningful way, and sharing a part of yourself in every piece of art for everyone to enjoy. I’ve been through your gallery three times and each time I find something new and exciting that I did not see before. I am so humbled by your gift to the world.” Lynn


“I am just simply overwhelmed with joy and appreciation for you and your abilities. Your contribution to the art world is a monumental step towards gratification and awareness of one’s inner being. My dear, you have done it!”  Peter


“I always knew that someday I would be able to say 'I knew you when'……” Victoria


“I so much appreciate your absolutely profound expression of your inner soul. I’m so appreciative of your gift to the world of art and culture!” Alexis


"Audrey, just went to your website and am seriously blown away! Your work is so beautiful! I LOVE your use of color and am fascinated by the many stories within. I can just imagine people sitting in a museum for hours in front of one of your pieces and continuously finding something new as they gaze upon it.”  Linda


“You are ridiculously talented!” Zee


“Wow, DAZZLE takes my breath away” Dora